In collaboration with Triangle Project, Facing Lesbian Lives organized a workshop on 'how to make a short movie' in Cape Town in May 2006.

A group of South African lesbian / bisexual women from widely varying cultural backgrounds and aged between 19-42 worked together as a film-crew during three 4-day workshops. The workshops were a challenge to participants to create a portrait in which they could represent personal aspects of themselves and their environment using (what was to most people) the unfamiliar medium of film. The short movies that resulted from the workshops tackle many interesting questions such as what its like to live in Cape Town as a young bisexual / lesbian, who one forms personal relationships with and the freedom to speak about one's sexual orientation. The ‘making of' shorts show the process of the video workshop and the mixture of fun and serious discussion. The workshops are organized with limited means and a high level of improvisation.


workshop 1

workshop 2

workshop 3

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