Lion Guardians - a participatory approach in Kenyan Maasailand.
In collaboration with the local communities of Mbirikani ranch, the Living with Lions project, and the Maasailand Preservation Trust a programme called “Lion Guardians” was initiated in October 2006.
The overall idea was generated by Maasai warriors (murrans) and elders through various discussion groups in the past two years on Mbirikani Group Ranch. The Lion Guardian’s programme attempts to reduce the pressure on lions by employing their greatest enemy to conserve them rather than kill them. The Lion Guardians have two major duties:
1) to monitor lions and other carnivore movements so to protect them
2) aid their communities in various ways.
The programme has been very successful so far.
For more up to date information, you can read their blog

This documentary, created by FLL, shows two lion guardians, Olubi and Melubo who both have killed lions and participated in many traditional lion hunts and follows their everyday activities. Leela Hazzah, a carnivore conservationist, explains the background and purpose of the programme. (10 min, 45 mb).

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