It is already two years ago that we provided the previous video workshops in Cape Town, South Africa. Many things have happened in the mean time. The project Facing Lesbian Lives (plus website, transformed itself into a foundation, Stichting FLL ( The exhibition travelled to many places (different spots in Nijmegen, Cape Town, and Amsterdam) and the results of the video workshops in Cape Town were shown at the Pink Film Festival in Amsterdam.

Both the exhibition and short movies that resulted from the video workshops stress the importance of an increase of the visibility of lesbian and bisexual women worldwide. Very little activities are aimed at lesbian and bisexual women and it takes quite some effort to get new projects funded. But we managed! Stichting FLL goes Bulgaria and we are very greatful to Mama Cash and the Dutch Embassy in Bulgaria.

Our initial plan was to have the exhibition 'Facing Lesbian Lives' (16 portraits of lesbian and bisexual women) travelled to all four different countries and in addition, provide video workshops to lesbian and bisexual women in cooperation with a local LGBT-organisation.

Here it is, the second project in Bulgaria has started with BGO Gemini as our partner. This blog will provide you with information about the adventures of Linda Mans and Louise Verbree. From 7 November to 2 December we will be in Sophia and blog about our experiences and work in progress on a regular basis. Stay tuned...

Stichting FLL