Once plastic bottles are empty, they can be recycled and/or used for different things. One of them is fishing. Yenagoa is built on wetlands, with small streams passing the buildings. The streams at the back of the compound make great fishing ponds. You just need to attach small snails to a hook on a wire and an empty plastic bottle. The catch (about seven fishes) is celebrated with cheerful laughter and fish soup.

n2 fishingpond01

All over the world playing soccer and watching soccer games is very popular. In the Niger Delta on Sunday you first go to church, then you go and play soccer or watch soccer on TV (preferably the British competition) or 'live'. The soccer arena of Yenagoa hosted school teams that played against each other as an opening ceremony for this school year.

In Yenagoa there is also a women's team active. But unfortunately they were not playing this Sunday.

N2 soccer02

On Wednesday and Thursday the girls were back in town for a feedback session. One day for each film crew. Watching back the footage is, like last year, a valuable time investment. There is a lot to learn and improve, although in general we're very happy with the footage.

N2 feedback01

I'm staying at the Niger Delta Wetlands Centre in Yenagoa. This time of the year also at this compound it's literally 'wetlands'.

N2 wetlands02

While the film crew is in the field, I went to a hairdresser. I was lured in by saying that it would take about 2 hours. But it really took a full day: from 10 AM to 6.30 PM.

If you've ever watched 'Smoke' or 'Blue in the Face', you know that it's people coming in that share some stories and leave the place again. This was quite similar, although there was no Madonna delivering a postcard while singing.

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