The group worked very hard today, and at the same time had lots of fun. We worked on interview techniques, watched back the footage that we shot yesterday at AMREF flying doctors, interviewed fellow participants and came out with the baseline for the script. It's a real teamwork with lots of fun and laughter. Tomorrow we will head for Kibuezi and do the actual filming of the documentary. Looking forward. First capture all footage of the juicy interviews they did this afternoon, think I'm gonna order some popcorn:)


Today the participants did part of the training at the Flying Doctors location. They interviewed a nurse who was about to do an evacuation, filmed the preparations and everything else that was going on. Very interesting to see the very essentials of what AMREF is all about. The group did great and two new members actually joined us this morning. The news about how they loved the participatory video training was spread quickly.

Tomorrow we'll continue with the interview techniques, making a script and evaluate what we did today.

A short piece of film to give you an impression of the training...

Making your own film is so much fun. But you have to start from scratch. Touching the buttons, framing the image, plugging in the sound. Who is doing what? You'll handle the camera and I'll ask the questions? So far so good? Then it's time to start drawing your first storyboard. And work from there until your first short film is actually a fact.


After visiting Kenya a number of times, FLL is now back to provide a participatory video training for AMREF Flying Doctors in Nairobi. AMREF’s mission is to ensure that every African can enjoy the right to good health by helping to create vibrant networks of informed communities that work with empowered health care providers in strong health systems.

Tomorrow FLL will start a training to use video as a tool for AMREF to monitor and evaluate its "Community Based Health Management Information System" program. In 10 days' time the participants not only learn how to make a video production, they will visit a project in the Makueni District and film it themselves.

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