FLL organises and facilitates participatory video-workshops for communities to explore issues relating to human rights and health issues, gender, sexual and cultural diversity. The outcome of each workshop is a short film that expresses the participants' perceptions of the topic of the workshop. Within the given subject area, we facilitate discussion that reveals issues unique to the group. This format of workshop enables a group or community to take action towards solving their own problems. The resulting film can be used for people to educate their peers and to advocate for their rights. FLL’s main goal is to improve human rights and women's rights in particular. 
FLL also teaches participatory video-trainings for (non) profit organizations as a tool for monitoring and evaluation. A very powerful tool to teach employees within an organization to use video for documenting their programs and to use the outcome for evaluation and communication purposes.

Documentaries/promotional films

FLL also makes documentaries and promotional films. Because our field of expertise is focused around social and environmental issues, assignments should have some reference to these subject areas. Clients are generally NGOs (non-governmental organisations) or socially conscious corporations.

Stichting FLL